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       Our services are designed to meet the varied needs of our customers and include the following:

  1. Film Agglomeration: With the help of state-of-the-art technology and skilled personnel, we agglomerate plastic films such as bags, wraps and foils into compact agglomerates. This process facilitates the efficient transport and storage of plastics, preparing them for further recycling steps.

  2. Grinding of plastic products: Plastic products such as crates, containers and other plastic items are ground into fine plastic granules using specialized equipment. This step is essential to prepare the material for the regranulation process and to improve the quality of recycled materials.

  3. Regranulation: The ground or agglomerated material is subjected to the regranulation process to obtain high-quality granules, known as regranulates. These are valuable and versatile recycled materials that can be used in the production of new products, thus helping to reduce the use of virgin materials and the impact on the environment.

        We are proud to offer these specialized services, which make a significant contribution to the fight against plastic pollution and the promotion of a more sustainable and greener economy. With us, our customers benefit from:

  • Superior quality: We emphasize the quality of our services and ensure that the plastic granules obtained from our recycling processes comply with the highest standards of performance and quality.

  • Customized solutions: We understand that each client has specific requirements, so we tailor our processes to meet their unique needs.

  • Positive impact: By recycling plastic materials, we help conserve natural resources, reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in the environment and help protect fragile ecosystems.

        Our dedicated and passionate environmental team works tirelessly to provide sustainable and efficient solutions, supporting companies and industry in their efforts to be more environmentally responsible.

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