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High crate

Designed for storing fruits and vegetables, bakery products, meat, and others. Its design allows stacking the crates on top of each other, which facilitates access to the contents. Additionally, it is possible to stack the tall crates over the low ones.

Low crate

Intended for storing fruits and vegetables, bakery products, meat and others. The raw material from which the crate is made allows the products to be kept for a long time even at low temperatures in specially designed rooms. It is made of high-density polyethylene HDPE and is 60 cm lower than the high crate.

Technological crate

Intended for keeping fruits and vegetables, bakery products, meat, liquids, household products. It is made of HDPE high-density polyethylene and its design allows empty crates to be placed inside each other, and full ones - one on top of the other.  

Dowel clamp 

Dowel clamp for fast and safe mechanical fixing of conductive systems (cables or pipes)  on various supports such as stone, brick, concrete and others. It is not necessary to fix other metal elements. It is easy to use, which reduces installation time. They are sold in packages of 50 units.

Mechanism for sewing files

Plastic mechanism used to hold perforated sheets in a file. It is easy to use and allows storing a large volume of A4 documents.

Pots for seedlings 

Pot made of plastic for seedlings and vegetable or flower seeds. Inside, it is provided with 8 holes for draining excess water and aerating the roots.

Household bucket 

Solid plastic household bucket with handle, resistant to low temperatures and shocks. Made of a very good quality plastic, it can be used for a long time.

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